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Grazing the herbs

Grazing the herbs

Herbs are bursting back to life after a long winter
My kitty, Will Robinson, really enjoys the tasty chives

Etsy shows its true colors

Today I was planning on no longer going to the Etsy forums. I can waste a lot of time there and it is also an emotional drain. But a friend pointed out a situation to me and I had to post. I copied it and am posting it here, because I feel almost certain they will remove it and ban me. I could be wrong, but I don’t really care.

Here is the article I read:

And here is the petition to get it shut down:


and here is my response on this thread:


I had made a vow not to come to the forums anymore as they were so full of either negativity or time wasting fluff.
But my vow was broken after only one day because someone mentioned this situation to me and I had to investigate.

I am disgusted at what I have seen. I am disgusted that the shop in question was not shut completely down IMMEDIATELY, especially considering the reprehensible shirt that is featured in the sold items and can not be hidden.

I am sickened that they chose to go through it item by item instead of pulling the whole thing down, when they have banned many MANY sellers (and buyers) from having a voice on the forums just for questioning the state of the site or for many other relatively small infractions. Permamutes are WAY more rampant than some of you may think.

I am appalled that I see a few people saying things like “well, it’s not that bad. Let Etsy do it’s job” No. It IS that bad.
Baby rape. Think abut it for a minute or two. I’ll wait…..

BABY RAPE. I don’t have, nor do I plan to have, kids. But until Etsy pulls this shop completely and replaces it with a 3 armed sweater, we are all on a site that tacitly condones this by leaving up a baby rape shirt in the sold orders of this shop.
Some of the worst of the other items were taken down… but baby rape is still there for the world to see.

Something happened to me as a child. It was small compared to what some have suffered, but it is a memory burned in to my psyche.
You can make light of it, say it isn’t a big deal, just “guy humor” but you are wrong. Dead wrong.
There is a line that has been crossed, and by not IMMEDIATELY recoiling in horror, Etsy has shown me another true color.

Since I mentioned permamutes and tacitly condoning baby rape, this might be my blaze of glory. My plan to avoid the forums might not involve willpower after all if I get banned too, but that is ok. I picked my battles and this is it. Here is where I stand.
I feel physically ill. And if you are thinking it’s no big deal or just an overreaction, then be glad you have the luxury to feel that way

I was ok with my decision to have a smaller, more focused shop here and a larger shop elsewhere… but now I will have to think very very hard about that decision.
I can’t afford to pull everything, I just can’t. But I can afford to never renew again.